Gay rights advocates take aim at Target

Woman outside a Target store holds boycott sign
Woman outside a Target store holds boycott sign

It's a rare day that Target is the object of consumer scorn, but that day has come. The retailer is under fire for donating money to a political action committee that supports a conservative politician opposed to gay marriage. It's quite a tangled web and Target is now facing a boycott as gay rights groups raise the alarm.

Thanks to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that allows corporations to donate to candidates, Target gave $150,000 to MN Forward, an organization that supports Tom Emmer as the Republican Candidate for governor of Minnesota, where Target is headquartered. Minnesota-based Best Buy also donated $100,000 to MN Forward, but Target is the one taking the heat from the gay community, many members of which are pretty upset and surprised. Target is considered a gay-friendly company, extending same-sex partner benefits and sponsoring events in the gay community.

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