Free tote for women with cancer

If you are a woman fighting any type of cancer, The Lydia Project will send you a free tote bag made by volunteers. Each tote includes a journal, lotion and a prayer card, which you can mail back with your prayer concerns, if applicable. The name of the volunteer who made the tote will also appear on the card. You can request a tote for someone else fighting cancer, too.

Share your name, address, email, phone number, name and address of the recipient, and pick one of three totes embroidered with the words Faith, Hope, or Love. You can write a note to the recipient as well. The submission form asks for the race and age of the recipient to help write future grants for funding. The Lydia Project is a non-profit charity started by a group of Augusta, GA businesswomen in 2003. If you live in the Augusta, GA, you can pick up your tote in person or request local delivery by calling (706) 736-5467.

Caveats: unclear when this offer ends.

Thanks, Free Stuff 4 Free!