FarmVille drives in the Pick Up Truck Seeder

FarmVille Pick Up Truck SeederFarmVille announced via their official FaceBook Fan Page that the FarmVille Pick Up Truck Seeder would be coming soon to farms near you!

You may remember that earlier this month FarmVille polled farmers via the official FarmVille Forum and asked us to vote on what the next vehicle released should be.

We conducted the same poll at FarmVille Freak, and FarmVille Freaks also chose the Pick Up Truck as the next FarmVille Seeder with the most votes. Farmers have been requesting a Pick Up Truck for a long time now, as many feel that no real farm is complete without a Pick Up Truck.

Some of the other choices included in the poll were Fire Truck (second choice on FarmVille Freak), Trolley, and Dump Truck.

From FarmVille:
"Earlier this month we asked for your help in choosing a new seeder or FarmVille. Today we would like to thank you by providing a sneak peek at the artwork for the vote winner: the Pickup Truck. Thanks for your help! **Please note that this is prerelease artwork and subject to change before you can get it on your farm.**"
Are you happy with the decision for the Pick Up Truck Seeder to be the next FarmVille vehicle? What other type of vehicle would you like to see on your farm?

This article originally appeared onFarmVille Freak.
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