FarmVille Crafting Building Achievements: Cunning Crafter, Super Seller & Best Buyer

FarmVille Crafting Buildings Ribbon Achievements
FarmVille has released some new Ribbon Achievements that work with the new Crafting Building feature.

Your participation in Crafting Buildings and the making, selling, and buying of Crafting Goods can now earn you new ribbon rewards that include the following achievements: Cunning Crafter, Super Seller, and Best Buyer.

Crafting Building Rewards and Requirements:
  • Cunning Crafter: Crafting Goods will earn you the Cunning Crafter Ribbon.
  • Super Seller: Selling your Crafting Goods will earn you a Super Seller Ribbon.
  • Best Buyer: Purchasing Crafting Goods from your FarmVille neighbors will earn you a Best Buyer Ribbon.

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