Facebook game tries to ignite Ty the Tasmanian Tiger revival


Hey kids! Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is now on Facebook! You remember Ty, don't you? He was in a trio of brightly colored, mediocre platform games during the PlayStation 2 era. Why, he was the Bubsy of his era! What? You don't remember Bubsy, either? How about Jazz Jackrabbit? Aero the Acrobat? Blasto? Really, kids, if you don't start humoring me I can keep naming forgotten gaming mascots all day.

Well, remembered or not, Ty is now part of the Facebook gaming universe via Krome Studios' Bush Rescue HQ, which launched earlier this month. So far all you can do in the app is dress up the titular Tasmanian Tiger in an impressive (and growing) variety of outfits. Soon, though, Krome promises you'll be able to "join the Bush Rescue effort and help your district" whatever that means. New updates come every Tuesday, so we'll keep an eye out to see when this Facebook game becomes an actual, um, game.

Now, if you're done playing dress up with Ty, come sit next to grandpa and I'll introduce you to a precocious little lizard named Gex.

[Via Kotaku]

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