Beijing Duck Lay's potato chips? Familiar brands offering very foreign tastes


Soy sauce-flavored Kit Kats? Beijing Duck-inspired potato chips? How about Pepsi that tastes like the nut from a Baobab tree? We have become so accustomed to the menu selections at our local fast food joint or grocery store that sometimes we forget that our tastes are not exactly the same as our neighbors to the North, South, East or West.

To illustrate that point, we've gathered some interesting variations in offerings by McDonald's, Pepsi, Kit Kat and Lay's that are designed to appeal to different tastes.

McDonald'smixes it up

Shogun Burger with Egg: In Hong Kong, diners can choose an alternative to the same old beef burger; this one is comprised of a pork patty in Teriyaki sauce topped with fried eggs, lettuce and secret sauce. It may sound unusual, but it doesn't strike me as necessarily unappetizing either.