Apple sued over overheating iPads

Applued sued over iPad overheating.A class action lawsuit has been filed against Apple, Inc. on behalf purchasers of iPad tablet computer, Scott Cole & Associates, the firm filing suit, announced.

The suit alleges that the iPad, launched in April of this year, shuts down from overheating under normal operating conditions, even far below Apple's advertised temperature limits, making the product virtually unusable for many of its advertised functions.

"The iPad was touted as a revolutionary invention -- a product that Apple claimed could be used inside or outside and for purposes such as playing games and reading e-books," the law firm said in a statement. "Books and board games don't close up after a few minutes of use and require you to stick them in a refrigerator to cool off."

Although the lawsuit alleges technical problems with the iPad, the focus of the class-action suit concerns Apple's advertising campaign. The lawsuit cites Apple's claims that reading an iPad is just like reading a book, which it says is a false claim, "since books do not close when the reader is enjoying them in the sunlight or other normal environments."

According to the iPad's technical specifications, the device's maximum operating temperature is 95F, and an Apple support forum contains comments from users complaining about their iPads overheating and shutting down.

"Had the company told consumers about this issue, at least they could make informed decisions whether to buy it," said Scott Cole in a statement. "That's the crux of the case."

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for a comment.

The lawsuit seeks damages, including punitive damages, and restitution for alleged false advertising. Since its introduction earlier this year, Apple has sold more than over 3 million iPads.

The lawsuit is entitled Baltazar, et al. v. Apple, Inc. (USDC Case # C10-03231EMC)
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