Would you wear Betty White?

Would you wear Betty White?Betty White is hot right now, in Cleveland and everywhere else. She's got a new sitcom, "Hot In Cleveland," and a new-found popularity after 70 years in show businesses. And now she's got a line of tees and sweatshirts bearing her likeness.

White's been riding high all year, thanks to a clever ad campaign featuring her in a Snickers commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, Gotta give the old girl props -- she's licensed out her image to brand management company and apparel manufacturer Jerry Leigh Apparel, which is releasing product under the HoodieBuddie label.

There are currently four styles of sweatshirts ($48) and two t-shirt designs ($28) for sale on the HoodieBuddie site. Additional designs will hit retailers in mid-August, according to a company spokeswoman. Look for Betty tees at Journey's, Hot Topic, Spencer's, Delia's, and Kohl's. The sweatshirts are only available online at HoodieBuddie.com, and feature a proprietary technology called HB3 that lets you plug an iPod or MP3 player into a hidden port inside the sweatshirt pocket, then listen through earbuds built into the drawstrings on the jacket. And it's machine washable.

It's hard to imagine White herself getting into the technology, but no matter: she's donating a portion of all proceeds from the Betty White collection to the Morris Animal Foundation, an animal health organization, for which she serves as a trustee.

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