Seventh Generation to sell its products at Walmart: Has Hell frozen over?


Eco-friendly brand Seventh Generation is coming to Walmart stores, and the move is raising more than a few eyebrows. Particularly since Seventh Generation's co-founder Jeffrey Hollender (pictured) had declared his products would be in Walmart stores "when hell freezes over."

Consider it frozen.

"In a few weeks, our products will appear in Walmart stores around the country and on I say that knowing that a lot of people, some of them among our most loyal long-time customers, will raise an eyebrow (at least!) at this news," Hollender writes in a blog. "Walmart, as we know, has a notoriously checkered corporate past and there aren't many neutral opinions where the company is concerned. Its reputation hasn't been great, often deservedly so, and many, including myself, assumed that Seventh Generation and Walmart would never have any relationship. But you can't see into the future, and it's always subject to change."