National Park system will waive fees on August 14 and 15

In a midsummer treat, the National Park Service announced it will not charge entrance fees on August 14 and 15, a Saturday and a Sunday, in an effort to introduce more Americans to their country's natural and historic treasures.

The free entry applies to 392 national parks, which are found in 49 states. Of those, 146 usually charge fees ranging from $3 to $25. Camping fees, tours, food, souvenirs, and other expenses will still be charged.

A list of parks and their amenities can be found at the official site of the National Park Service.

It's been a high-profile year for our national park system. Last fall, Ken Burns turned his documentary attentions to the story of their establishment and cultural influence. His 12-hour miniseries was one of PBS' biggest television events of the season. Burns stopped by WalletPop to talk about the importance and value of an American national park vacation.

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