Mafia Wars Las Vegas officially opens to all virtual mobsters

mafia wars las vegas
mafia wars las vegas

Mafia Wars Las Vegas is here! The new expansion for Mafia Wars was only open to VIPs last week, but now everyone's invited to enter Sin City. Jobs, fighting, properties and currency have been changed up slightly this go-round -- see the details below.

Energy Lover or Fighter?: You Decide
Jobs follow two different paths: Energy Path or a Fighting Path. Choose either path and complete all of the jobs -- which will lead to a boss battle that will unlock the next District. There are six districts in all -- and, from what I've heard from fellow players, they take a long time to finish.

Test Your Mettle in Fight Club Tournaments
Fighting and robbing have stayed the same, but Fight Club Tournaments have finally been unlocked. Choose a class (based largely on how many Mafia members you have) and then jump into a tournament. There's a betting portion as well, where you can bet chips on who the winner will be (either yourself or someone else).

Build Your Own Casino
Properties have changed in Las Vegas as well. Instead of buying up lots of buildings, your mission is to build the mother of all casinos. You'll have to complete certain jobs to start building out five (5) sections of your mega-casino and then upgrade the parts until you get a 5-star casino. You'll also have to build your own vault to keep your poker chips safe.

Bank Big with Poker Chips
Speaking of poker chips, that's the currency for Las Vegas (kinda like real-life Vegas). Like all of the other Mafia Wars expansions, you'll be starting over from scratch. money-wise. and will start amassing wealth in form of Poker Chips. The good thing is that you don't have to start out from nothing --- all of t those poker chip racks you collected from friends over the past few weeks can be converted into Poker Chips. So, the more diligent you were about stocking up on racks, the more cash you'll have to take on Viva Las Vegas.

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