Mafia Wars Cheats & Tips: How to find a Car Key Copy

car key copy
One of the consumable items you're going to need to complete jobs in Mafia Wars Las Vegas is a Car Key Copy. Much like the Wire Tap Device or Untraceable Cell Phone in New York, you have to earn the Car Key Copy by doing a job -- specifically, the Blackmail A Car Dealer job in North Las Vegas (this is a job if you take the Energy path). It takes 9 energy to do the job, and you'll get a Car Key Copy (alternating with construction materials) every few times that you do the job.

blackmail a car dealer
The Car Key Copies are then used as a consumable item for the Secure Some Wheels job in North Las Vegas (again, only for the Energy path). I didn't have enough keys to complete the Wheels job, so had to go back and do the Blackmail A Car Dealer job again several times, even though it was already 100% mastered.

mafia wars secure some wheels
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