FrontierVille: Enter the Water Feature Contest to win 500 Free Horseshoes

Just in time to combat the scorching summer, FrontierVille opened the flood gates containing a batch of new water decorations. Among the newly released items were geysers, swimming holes, hot tubs, and all kinds of other wet decor.

Now, FrontierVille is holding a water decoration contest and will be awarding 500 free Horseshoes to the winner!

Ordinarily 500 Horseshoes would cost over fifty dollars, so this is not a contest you want to miss. Imagine, with that many Horseshoes you could buy either 125 Horses, 100 Dinner Bells, 50 All You Can Eat energy refills, 25 Fishing holes, or whatever else your FrontierVille spouse and child may desire.

Continue reading for details on how to enter to win 500 free Horseshoes in FrontierVille.