FarmVille Update includes One-Click Harvesting for Animal Buildings

one click harvesting
one click harvesting

Tonight's FarmVille update featured lots of new limited edition New England themed items, new Mystery Game prizes and some other minor and less noticeable updates including the following:

  • Animal Buildings such as the Chicken Coop,Dairy Farm, Horse Stable and Nursery Barn now have one-click harvesting, just like other animals!

  • Goji Berry seeds are still available in the FarmVille Market, but have simply moved to another place. Usually the first item you see is Goji Berry seeds, now they can be found with other fruits.

  • The Email promotion of "Daily Fuel Boost" is now a regular feature.

  • More farmers should have access to the new Crafting Building feature.

This article originally appeared onFarmVille Freak.