FarmVille Bakery Crafting Building: How to go from farmer to master baker

farmville bakery crafting building level 1

FarmVille Crafting Buildings have finally made their way to the game. Farmers level 25 and up have access to three crafting buildings -- a Winery, Spa and Bakery. What's the purpose of these buildings? In addition to giving you something to do with all those bushels you've been getting from you and your friends' Farmers Market, the main motivation is fuel. That's right, make stuff in your Bakery, and you'll ultimately be rewarded with sweet fuel to power your tractor and other farming equipment.

Most of my fellow farmers chose the Winery (says a lot, doesn't it?), so I decided to play contrarian and pick the Bakery as my crafting building. After all, who doesn't love a nice baked good, even virtual ones? To start on your way to becoming a master baker, choose the bakery from the Crafting is Here! pop-up window. I previously chose the bakery, so I just had to click the 'Yes Place' button to set the bakery on my farm.

bakery crafting

A Tip: Make your you clear out some room for your new crafting building -- it might require a little more space than you might expect. Once the Bakery is placed, you can get to work, well, baking.

If you didn't select the bakery several weeks ago, and you want to make the switch, click 'Choose Another' and then pick the building you want.farmville bakery inside

To get a better idea at what bushels you'll need to craft items for your bakery, take a look at the recipes and bushels required to make each:

Pumpkin Bread
- 4 Pumpkin Bushels
- 4 Wheat Bushels

Strawberry Shortcake
- 4 Strawberry Bushels
- 4 Wheat Bushels

Spicy Muffins
- 3 Carrot Bushels
- 1 Pepper Bushel
- 3 Ghost Chili Bushels

Pattypan Tart
- 3 Pattypan Squash Bushels
- 2 Onion Bushels
- 3 Rice Bushels

There are several ways to get the bushels you need. You can plant and harvest crops and hope you get bushels from there; you can shop at a friend's Farmer's Market and buy bushels from them using coins or you can snag bushels for free from friends' Facebook Wall posts.

Once you have the right ingredients you can choose to make a good, and like all things in FarmVille, you'll then have to wait a certain amount of time for it to be complete.
farmville bakery

You have the option to cook multiple recipes at a time, and the more you level up your bakery, the more ovens you unlock.

Once your goods are ready, you can sell them (there's also a sales report to let you know what friends have been buying), which will help you level up your recipe.
farmville bakery goods for sale

You also have the option to trade in goods for gas (and other rewards later on). To trade in goods, click the 'Use' button (see image below).

farmville bakery use items and trade them in for fuel

Like the rest of the Crafting Buildings, the Bakery can be leveled up using Farm Cash or coins. As the Bakery gains more stars, it's appearance will start to change, and the modest Bakery that you started out with in the beginning will get more frills the higher its star rating.

farmville bakery

After you're all set, just keep on baking until you reach five stars. Best part about this Bakery? You can bake to your heart's content and won't be tempted by yummy treats.

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Do you have any tips for making goods in the FarmVille Bakery?Leave a note in the comments below.
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