Confessions of a Motel Maid

motel maidI have been a maid in a motel for 16 years. I've seen good things, and lots of strange things.

When I think back at all the times I've had, I can only laugh and be thankful. For example, I remember on a Saturday morning, about a year ago, I had started on my list of rooms as on any morning. I knocked on one door three times (as stated in our motel's policy) and got no response, so I unlocked the door. The guest had left the television on -- but that didn't surprise me, as it happens all the time. I then noticed a distinct smell lingering in the air. I immediately started looking around the room, under the bed, and finally in the bathroom.

When I pulled the shower curtain back, I saw the most frightened puppy I've ever seen. Seems that the customer had left the puppy behind because it was infested with fleas and had worms. Both were nothing a flea dip and vet couldn't fix, so I grabbed that poor puppy and took him home. And in no time I found a home for that cute little boy.

I also remember a time I cleaned a room for a couple who were living for an extended time at the motel. They seemed very nice and polite. The lady appeared to be in her late 20s, her mate, in his early 30s. They dressed well, and seemed like good people.

On this day, I realized that for three days I had not seen them, but the room needed cleaning, and it was time to wash the spread. When I got in the room I pulled the spread off. Next, I went for the pillow cases, but I noticed that the pillows were heavier than usual. I looked inside to find the pillow cases full of marijuana and cocaine!! From looking at the couple who would've ever thought? Of course, we called the police and turned over the drugs, and I never saw that couple again.

Lots of motel customers actually bring their own quilts, blankets, sheets and pillows, trying to be safe of bedbugs. Some still trust that we don't have bedbugs, which my motel does not, thankfully. There was a big drop in check-ins when it was discovered that hotels and motels were the biggest carriers of bedbugs. Thankfully, we seem to have now recovered from that bad press.

Every motel has a system that lets you know what rooms are occupied and which are not; that system led to my most embarrassing moment ever.

One morning, Room 219 was documented as "unoccupied." I knocked three times and proceeded to go in with my master key, only to find two undressed people lying in bed! That nearly scared me senseless! I screamed. They screamed. We were all ashamed! I was ashamed for coming in. Blaming myself for not knocking four, five or six times more. They were ashamed for being seen, not hearing the knock, or not placing the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. That's a mistake I hope to never make again, even if I am a motel maid for 16 more years.

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