Wrestling star Paul Heyman working on social fighting game


The San Diego Comic-Con may be mecca for all things geeky, but it's not exactly the center of the universe as far as social gaming is concerned. So we were a bit surprised to learn that former ECW owner and WWE Smackdown lead writer Paul Heyman used the conference to announce a new social fighting game, planned for later this year.

The project, which Heyman is working on in partnership with Jeff Katz's Geekweek, is being described as "a new online fighting league featuring a hybrid of pro wrestling, mixed martial arts and boxing." Players will be able to create their own fighter in any of these disciplines and work their way up the tournament ladder via turn-based battles, gaining new abilities and customization options as they go.

Katz also promises "a host of star performers - past present and future - from the worlds of wrestling, MMA and boxing" will be available as purchasable downloads. Though Katz didn't mention which star performers had been signed, specifically, pro wrestling stars Samoa Joe and Shane "Hurricane" Helms were reportedly on hand for the Comic-Con announcement, suggesting their likely involvement. "The thinking here is that one ring + three disciplines = endless dream matches," Katz writes.

The game will be coming to Geekweek.com, smartphones and "the obvious social platforms" by the fourth quarter of this year.