With Revised June Numbers, Yahoo Gains 1 Billion Page Views


Web traffic-tracking firm comScore took a second look at Yahoo's June figures, and the search company likes what it saw. Turns out Yahoo's (YHOO) domestic page views were under reported to the tune of some 1 billion views and the total minutes spent on its site gained an extra 850 million, according to a statement Yahoo released Tuesday.

ComScore is also taking a look at Microsoft's U.S. page views and minutes and expects to make a readjustment there, as well, though the new figures are not yet known, said Stephanie Lyn Flosi, a comScore spokeswoman.

This retooling of traffic stats is, of course, like a pebble in the pond. All five players in comScore's tracking group -- Google (GOOG), Yahoo, Microsoft's (MSFT) Bing, Ask and AOL (AOL) (which publishes DailyFinance) -- will likely see their June page views and duration minutes altered, Flosi said.

For Yahoo, the revised month-to-month comparison figures means its U.S. page views declined 4.7% in June, compared to the reported 7.4%. And the amount of minutes users spent on its Web sites fell 4.3% in June, versus a drop of 6.4%.

Once comScore has completed its June recalibrating, it will issue the revised figures when it reports the July results in the next several weeks, Flosi said. She added that the research group is still looking into how the errors occurred.

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