Treasure Isle teases about new Monkey Palace

Treasure Isle Monkey Palace
Treasure Isle Monkey Palace

The folks at Zynga who are in charge of Treasure Isle are a big fan of teasing players, giving us just enough information to get us excited about new features without fully spilling the beans. Today, we have learned that a new Monkey Palace will be coming soon. What do we know about it so far? According to the Treasure Isle Digger's Anonymous page (which is an official Zynga-managed Treasure Isle fan page), the monkey "might want to trade with you".

What could this mean? We have a few theories. One neat idea would be a player economy, where players can buy and sell things with each other in a player auction sort of interface. Another possibility is that the Treasure Palace monkey will provide unique limited items that can only be purchased when the monkey is around. Perhaps you can trade things in to the monkey in exchange for Island Cash or new items.

We're not sure what the Monkey Palace could be, but we know it's coming soon and has something to do with trading. What do you think this monkey could be for? Leave your ideas in the comments.

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