Three Disney brands we want to see on Facebook

mickey mouse ears kid
mickey mouse ears kid

Today, Disney announced that its buying social game company Playdom, spending half-a-billion dollars to bring the company in-house. Now, in addition to owning Social City, Wild Ones and My Vineyard, Disney already owns hundreds of brands that would be right at home in the Facebook gaming universe. Playdom and ESPN (also owned by Disney) were already working a series of sports games together, but here's three more Disney brands that could easily make the jump to the social side.

Disney recently purchased the rights to the Marvel Universe, and those tights-wearing heroes seem perfect for a Mafia Wars-style Facebook game, starring Wolverine, Professor X and the gang. You'll choose your character, and you and the rest of your superpowered friends will face off against Magneto by doing missions and earning X-points which can be used to buy items for your own customized version of the X-Mansion. Or, more likely, Disney could simply decide to release a version of Marvel SuperHero Squad Online on Facebook in November.