Opinion: What does Disney buying Playdom mean?

Mickey Mouse Buys Social Game Company Playdom
Mickey Mouse Buys Social Game Company Playdom

I just read 15 tweets that told the world that Disney bought Playdom. Ok - I get it! But, what does it all mean? As an games industry veteran and social media maven, I'll take a stab at what's coming next:

1. The Facebook gaming phenomenon is about to get even hotter.

Big companies (Viacom, Sony, Activision) are going to look to make their presence felt or feel like they are being left behind. No one wants the music to stop and be left without a seat to the dance. Or worse, stretch and make a purchase like AOL did with Bebo. More money will be poured in and CEOs of companies will be asked by their boards "We pay you big bucks to know what's going on? Where is your FarmVille?"

2. Look for the next acquisition to be CrowdStar.

Not because it's the next largest games company but because they have the best quality games with the highest engagement. CrowdStar has the best relationship with Facebook of the remaining game developers. They have been the guinea pig for Facebook credits, have not been spending wildly on acquisitions and continue to just make good, solid Facebook games. (See Happy Aquarium and Happy Pets) While I haven't heard any rumors they are available, it stands to reason that they are going to get offered huge money and may not be able to resist the buy out.