'Jersey Shore' Facebook game to promote Season 2


I've never watched a single episode of the Jersey Shore TV show. I'd like to say this is because I am a classy, cultured individual that has too much taste to watch such a low-brow, trashy program. Then I remember that I am addicted to True Blood, so I know that can't be right...

Anyway, those of you who are fond of living vicariously through the televised lives of the Jersey Shore-ians (Jersey Shore-ites?) will soon be able to do the same thing on Facebook. Reuters reports MTV's Jersey Shore Facebook game, which launches on Facebook later today, will let players "square off with one another in humorous one-on-one battles between animated versions of the outrageous cast of young housemates, using household items that play on scenes from the show."

Sounds kind of lacking in depth, to us, but the Reuters article does mention one interesting and innovative feature: the game will evolve and change on Facebook as new episodes of the show air on MTV. "There are always 3-5 things that happen (each episode) that are just so over the top that everyone is talking about them," MTV VP of social games Tony Espinoza told Reuters. "Those are the things we put in the game."

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the game will allow players to "GTL." If you don't know what that means, believe me, I now envy you.