Cheap Sega, PSP, Nintendo options for college gamers

For most students, summer means a break from class; however, for student nerds, summer is the time for E3 and Comic-Con to reveal the latest in video games and comic books respectively.

The former of the two revealed the Nintendo 3DS, the latest in Nintendo's handheld gaming devices, as Joystiq reported. With the 3DS, you get the latest in 3D technology and effects, but without those silly 3D glasses. It's some crazy "future is now" stuff.

But while the 3DS is going to put a 3D gaming system with Wii-level graphics in your pocket, it probably isn't going to be the cheapest hand-held gaming option. Luckily for college students looking to kill time between classes (and please, not during), cheap ways exist to get great portable games. Let's take a look at some slightly older (but still fun) options: