Pass on this 'press pass' to nowhere: Beware email's temptations

phony press pass email warning
phony press pass email warning

Considering how much it costs these days to get into a concert or a ball game, wouldn't the lure of free passage as a member of the Fourth Estate be tempting? FI Media Group certainly thinks so, judging by this e-mail making the rounds advertising for a press pass:

Since there would be NO ADMISSION charged at all, would you be interested in covering an event for us in your area? We are seeking members of the public to report on events such as:

Major Sporting Events
Major Music Concerts
Restaurant Openings
Gallery Openings
And others

You would not need to have experience as a reporter, and again, there is NO ADMISSION CHARGED to any of the events that you would be reporting on for us.

We are only accepting a few people from your area, so if you are interested in further information let us know.

James Reid
Event Personal Director
FI Media Group

Seems like an interesting opportunity, so let's play along. Who wouldn't want to get into a hockey game or Blue Oyster Cult show for free? (OK -- maybe not Blue Oyster Cult -- but feel free to fill in Lady Gaga instead.)

Go to the website mentioned at the end of the writer's signature. Seems reasonable, if seasoned a bit with that "out of a box" flavor. Until you do some clicking around, unfortunately.

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