What's Hot on RentedSpaces This Week


Too hot to play outside this week? Spend your indoor downtime getting organized with our tips on kitchen de-cluttering, book wrangling and souvenir displaying. See what else was, um, hot this week:

Organizing Small Kitchen Keeps Things Cooking
It's not the size of the kitchen, but the organizational skill of the occupant that makes a kitchen workable. Pick up a few tips from RentedSpaces on how to make your own kitchen an efficient and streamlined space. Read more.

Miami's Brickell Financial District Attracts Adventurous Renters
A traditionally business-centric district of downtown Miami is gaining traction as a hot new residential neighborhood, as scores of condos pop up in the area. Savvy investors are renting out their properties to young urbanites looking for a hip new 'hood. Read more.