What's Hot on RentedSpaces This Week

http://www.flickr.com/photos/fooferkitten/3019087195/Too hot to play outside this week? Spend your indoor downtime getting organized with our tips on kitchen de-cluttering, book wrangling and souvenir displaying. See what else was, um, hot this week:

Organizing Small Kitchen Keeps Things Cooking
It's not the size of the kitchen, but the organizational skill of the occupant that makes a kitchen workable. Pick up a few tips from RentedSpaces on how to make your own kitchen an efficient and streamlined space. Read more.

Miami's Brickell Financial District Attracts Adventurous Renters
A traditionally business-centric district of downtown Miami is gaining traction as a hot new residential neighborhood, as scores of condos pop up in the area. Savvy investors are renting out their properties to young urbanites looking for a hip new 'hood. Read more.

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Older Gentleman, Unlicensed Massages, and a Shouting Man
RentedSpaces continues to sift through the weirdos on the internet so that you don't have to, with a new batch of rental roommate nightmare listings. This time, take your pick of roommates from among an old man looking for a young girl, a possible pimp, and a racially-profiling (though "considerate") wacko. Read more.

Bookcases Made Better Are a Great Apartment Design Element
Running out of horizontal storage spaces in your apartment? Go vertical with a few sets of carefully curated bookshelves. With a little inspiration from our roundup, you could even end up with something worthy of an art gallery. Read more.

Staycation Decorating: Bring the Vacation Home With Travel Themes
Think outside the box of seashells you collected on last summer's beach vacation: There are infinitely cooler and more expressive ways to incorporate travel memories into your apartment's decor. Read more.

Rental Shares: How Collectivism Works for Apartment Dwellers
Perhaps brought about by the recent economy, or maybe just a societal swing towards playing nice with others, the idea of collectivism is taking root in communities across the country. See what kind of shared goods, services and ideas are hot right now. Read more.

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