What's Hot on HousingWatch This Week

With the estate of the late Dennis Hopper grabbing the top spot, this week's HousingWatch headlines were (almost) as hot as the East Coast. See what other steamy news was brewing this week:

1. Dennis Hopper's Venice, Calif. Estate Hits Auction Block
The enormous (almost 5,000 square feet!) house of recently deceased actor Dennis Hopper hit the auction block this week, as his hotly contested estate inches towards settlement. All eyes are on Hopper's not-quite-ex-wife for her next move in the fight for her share. Read more.

Selling Your Home on Craigslist: Trickier Than You Think
Our sister site RentedSpaces makes a clear (and sometimes shocking!) case for why you need to be careful renting a home on Craigslist; now see our roundup of best practices for trying to sell a home on the famously free classified ad site. Read more.

3. Conseco King's Sprawling Indiana Mansion Up for Auction
Is $10 million for a house that cost $35 million to build a good deal? It's hard to say, when the house is so lavish and so out of place (in tiny Carmel, Ind. -- population 38,000) that there are no comparative properties nearby. Perhaps the better question: Could you live in a house with a mural depicting the former owner as a Greek god? Read more.

4. 6 Ways to Tell If Your Real Estate Agent Is Lying
It's an unfortunate part of almost any sales profession that a handful of people will say anything to close a deal, and real estate is no exception. See what you can do as a buyer to make sure that an agent is telling you the truth about the property you're sizing up. Read more.

5. California Real Estate Scammer Pays for Wedding With Investors' Cash
Another week, another real estate Ponzi scheme in the news. This time, it was a California playboy who blew his ill-gotten profits on such luxuries as a recording studio, a production company, and even a lavish wedding ceremony at a beachfront resort. Read More.

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