President Obama to appear on 'The View' on Thursday


Whoopi Goldberg announced that this Thursday, July 29, President Barack Obama will appear on ABC's morning chat show The View. Goldberg said it will be the first time that a sitting American president has appeared on a daytime talk show.

Show creator and co-host Barbara Walters, who left the program temporarily to have heart surgery, will return for the interview, which will be recorded on Wednesday. It will be her first broadcast from the show's New York City studio since early May.

"It will be an outstanding day," said co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who frequently registers her opposition to Obama's policies.

"All of those cute security guards! I love to see them," said co-host Joy Behar. "Remember when Biden was here? They were all over the place."

"They gave me the extra check then, remember?" said Hasselbeck.

Obama appeared on The View twice before his presidency began.

It's the latest sign that politicians think the stay-at-home and unemployed viewing public is as important as the evening news viewers and newspaper subscribers. Nearly two decades after Bill Clinton appeared with his saxophone on The Arsenio Hall Show, our politicians are finally starting to show signs that they see value in communicating with us where we actually live, in between the ads for groceries and diapers.