More game developers sign up for Facebook Credit exclusivity


When Crowdstar became the first major developer to accept Facebook Credits as its exclusive in-game currency earlier this month, we predicted "we could start seeing more and more social game makers tying their fates to the pre-eminent social network and its new unified payment system." Lo and behold, the last three weeks have seen three more major developers making Facebook Credits the only way to pay to play.

This month, quiz-maker LOLApps, Zoo World developer RockYou and German developer Wooga have all signed on as exclusive partners in the Facebook Credits revolution. Now millions of players of these companies' games will have to sign up for Facebook's branded currency to buy in-game items, with 30% of the proceeds going to the social network. What's in it for the developers? Well, players that sign up to buy Credits in one game are already part of the system if and when they want to buy Credits in another -- no need to break out the credit card and sign up for a new account.

The frictionless synergy of this system, combined with giveaway promotions from Facebook itself, pretty much guarantee that Facebook Credits will continue to gain attention and support from more and more developers going forward. While big companies like Zynga may hold out for a while with non-exclusive support, it seems like Facebook Credits are well on their way to becoming the de facto payment standard for all of Facebook gaming.

How do you feel about this? Does it matter to you what kind of in-game currency you use to buy your social gaming items? Leave your thoughts in the comments.