FishVille bewitches players with new Bayou Items

FishVille Bayou Country Items
FishVille is certainly feeling educational with their new Bayou Items release, I mean, check out the PR for their Buildable Swamp Shack: "Bayou Country is most closely associated with Cajun and Creole cultural groups native to the Gulf Coast region."
FishVille Bayou Items Store
Or how about the description of their Bayou themed Bullfrog:
One of the so-called "true frogs", Bullfrogs are native to the eastern United States, ranging from as far north as Nova Scotia, all the way down to central Florida. They also live as far west as Wisconsin and the Rockies and were introduced widely throughout Colorado, British Columbia, California, and other western states.
We're not sure what voodoo possessed FishVille to put out a theme for the Bayou. One would expect them to have ridden the coattails of Disney's Frog and the Princess film. Or at least, had saved this for the fall season, sometime near Halloween. But instead, we've got eight new pieces of decor (one of which, the Bullfrog, expires within the next 24 hours), plus a new wallpaper and floor for the tanks.
FishVille Bayou Tank Wallpaper
Astute players will also notice there's a new Brown Mystery Egg on the Gifts page. Unfortunately, there's no special fish to be had there. Both times I got one, the fish turned out to be a Pajama Cardinal.
FishVille Bayou Gifts
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