Do this now, before you lose your wallet

Woman checking out her wallet
Woman checking out her wallet

Most of us have experienced that stomach-churning moment when we realize we've lost our wallet. As Consumerist points out, a little preparation now can make that experience much less dreadful. Here are four things to do before you realize your wallet is gone, and one suggestion of how to avoid losing your wallet.

1. Know what you have in your wallet. Emptying mine, I find:

  • Driver's license

  • Two library cards

  • One credit card

  • One debit card

  • Proof of insurance

  • Car registration

  • Medical insurance card

  • Coffee shop gift card (a free $2.50 coffee with every $25 added; where else can you get 10% on your money?)

  • A list of my current medications

  • My glasses prescription

  • $1 cash (come on, payday!)

  • A blank check

  • One business card