Cafe World: Free Grill Father Super Stove when you level up in Mafia Wars

Cafe World Grill Father
In Cafe World, Super Stoves streamline cooking in the game into a one-click process, but harnessing that convenience costs 32 Cafe Cash. There's also a suited up version, called the Grill Father, that goes for 35 Cafe Cash. This puts it somewhere around $4-5 per stove.

But you can get the Grill Father for free by leveling up 5 times in Mafia Wars. New players will have to make it to Level 15. To get started, look for the tiny icon of the Grill Father Super Stove on the left side of your Cafe World game screen. Click on the notice (image above) and answer "Yes" to be redirected to the Mafia Wars game.
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