Best buttermilk waffles? We rank the house brands

Up and at 'em kids.

The heat is on, but soon enough, summer will be over and out for another year, and you'll busy with class once more. So no more sleeping in. Time to rise up and make the most of your final days of freedom.

So if you're up, you might as well eat. And Store Brand Scorecard's favorite easy-to-make breakfast is the toasted waffle. We want you to wake up early, but we've got to be a little realistic, and toasting a frozen waffle is fast, painless way to grab your breakfast mere moments after getting out of bed.

But just cause it's a quick breakfast doesn't mean it can't be a good one, or a valuable one. Store Brand Scorecard tried out Eggo's buttermilk waffles and three store brand equivalents -- from a big-box store, a grocery store and a mini market -- to see which brand tasted the best for the price. All products were purchased July 9th weekend in the Chicago area. Prices are subject to change.

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