A sweet new version of Bejeweled Blitz

PopCap unveils a brand new version of Bejeweled Blitz -- one you can eat! OK, so this Bejeweled isn't really from PopCap, it was posted by 'ShakeSheepSound' on YouTube, and it's made of delicious candy. To see how this edible Bejeweled was created, check out the second video below, complete with indie rock/shoegazing soundtrack.

I'm impressed with the steady-handed individual tasked with moving the gem selector pieces with a tiny pair of tweezers. I also like how the artist makes it look like the pieces of candy shrink and disappear when three of the same color are matched. Talk about going to great lengths to pay homage to a game. Then again, when it's all over, you can eat your game as a reward.

[Via PopCap Twitter]