Now Hiring: Could You be the Next Superhero?

Some of the most fun jobs around are tied to companies promoting their products. The latest example is a company called New Leaf, based in New York, which makes a line of flavored iced teas and is introducing a new line of flavored lemonades. To help promote the beverages and the company's corporate slogan, "The Official Beverage of Taste," New Leaf will be holding auditions in New York City on July 27 to find four Defenders of Taste. The Defenders will be corporate spokespersons of sorts; they will do everything from appearing at conventions to driving around New York. Here's how New Leaf describes part of the job:

  • Job responsibilities for the Defender of Taste include "piloting" the New Leaf branded vehicle throughout Manhattan in search of taste offenders. Defenders will blow whistles, throw flags and issue citations to anyone they find drinking a beverage containing high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients. In addition, Defenders will hand out samples of New Leaf's Iced Teas and Lemonades.

And, did I mention that you need to show up at the audition dressed as your favorite superhero?

I asked New Leaf CEO and Founder Eric Skae where he came up with the idea for The Defenders.

"I was on a plane getting ready to take off and looked over at a few of my employees and realized how enthusiastic they were," Skae said. "They ooze New Leaf, and I thought to myself, wow, these guys are like Superman and Batman! They should run around telling everyone about the great taste of New Leaf beverages."

So, what is it going to take to land one of these jobs?

"We are looking for individuals who have the confidence and passion to 'rescue' taste offenders from unhealthy beverages," Skae said. "We're looking for people who love our products as much as we do. They need to be able to talk about the product. The potential Defenders need to have the ability to communicate our message to consumers. We are looking for 'role models' who epitomize good health and good taste."

Skae says that what sets his product apart from other drinks is that they are made from all-natural ingredients and have been tested with consumers to make sure they deliver tastes that people want. He wants employees on the street conveying that message.

Right now, the focus for the Defenders of Taste is New York, but Skae says he plans to expand that effort. "The goal is to have Defenders in every major market where we do business," he said. "That includes Philadelphia, Baltimore, D.C., Chicago and major cities in California."

The New York open auditions are 10AM to 2PM July 27 (Tuesday) at 11 Penn Plaza, fifth Floor.

So, if you are looking for an interesting and different kind of job, show up. Applicants must be between the ages of 19 and 29, and should bring a photo ID, head shot, and resume. And don't forget your cape!

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