FarmVille Official Podcast (7/23): Crafting explained, plus what's coming soon


In this week's Official FarmVille podcast, Community Manager Lexi 'Lexilicious' Smith goes into great detail on the Crafting Buildings, which have started to roll out to farmers level 25 and above. It's a good primer on how to start crafting in the game, which might seem a little complicated at first glance.

She also talks briefly about items that are coming soon in the game -- which is pretty hum-drum overall -- a bunch of bug fixes and some new New England-themed items, a miniature horse. "The FarmVille team just released an enormous feature, and we want to give you a chance to absorb Crafting Buildings before throwing more big stuff at you," Smith explains. I *suppose* that's an acceptable excuse. The idea of adding a "coastal beach" (one of the coming soon items) to our farms does sound intriguing, though.

Click play on the video above to hear this week's FarmVille podcast.

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