YoVille: New way to grab the Free Blue Balloon

yoville free blue balloonThis is an official post by Zynga's Platinum Ninja.

We saw that there was some confusion about how to get the exclusive handheld blue balloons so we will be making it easier to rally your friends through a discoverable balloon in YoVille. You may find a wandering blue balloon floating around town! It's known to hang out at the stores, your friends homes, or even your own.

Once you click on the balloon you will be given the chance to then "Rally your Friends" as before. Click the "Rally your Friends" option and then share and a Feed will be posted to your wall. Remember rallying your friends and posting this feed not only brings more awareness to the cause but also increases your chances on getting your hands on this exclusive Handheld Blue Balloon. If you get 10 friends to click in on this feed you'll receive a handheld balloon to keep and wear as much as you want!
yoville free blue balloonyoville free blue balloon
So don't forget to click on this balloon when you find it around YoVille and Rally your Friends!

- Platinum Ninja

This article originally appeared onYoVille Lounge.
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