Up to 90% off textbooks at Borders and more ways to save for school

90% off textbooks at Borders and more ways to save for schoolWith school just around the corner, it's time to start shopping for textbooks again. Begin buying now and save some cash. With these deals going on, you can buy books without breaking the bank.

College students spend an average of $700 a year on course materials, according to the National Association of College Stores.

Borders wants to help reduce those costs and currently offers up to 90% off of new and used textbooks. Search online to save time and get price quotes. Plus, if you're after a last minute summer read, save up to 53% on future best-sellers or go techie and cut 33% off of a Borders ebook

It's happened to a lot of us. After attending a few classes, it becomes clear that the $100 textbook will never be cracked open. School bookstores often allow only very short return periods, but Valore Books promises 30-day, no hassle returns. The company also offers up to 99% savings on select, national best-sellers.

To save even more this semester, consider renting your reads. eCampus.com offers new and used books as well as a borrowing option. Simply visit the site, type in a title, author, keyword or international standard book number (ISBN) and compare new, used and rental prices. eCampus ships the rented textbook out for a semester and the reader ships it back by its due date. Renting costs vary, but usually offer around 30% to 50% savings.

Chegg also offers a renting option, while going green at the same time. The company participates in the American Forests Global ReLeaf program and claims to plant a tree every time a customer rents. So far, Chegg says it has planted more than 4,000 acres of trees. The rental option usually saves between 40% to 80% off the books' list prices. Plus, Chegg pays for return shipping at the end of the semester.
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