It's not too late to cut $2 million price tag on Chelsea Clinton wedding

chelsea clinton wedding $2 million
chelsea clinton wedding $2 million

While the average cost of weddings is dropping in America because of the economy, Chelsea Clinton's secretive wedding to Marc Mezvinsky on July 31 is clocking in at $2 million, according to estimates.

The inflated price tag for the event, which will take place at an estate in Rhinebeck, NY, might seem natural, given the added security that would be necessary for the daughter of a former President, but that's not the only thing that's driving up the price. As ABC News notes, Jenna Bush's wedding was estimated to have cost just $100,000. Experts are saying that the Clintons are paying more than that for the event location rental alone.

Other costs with big price tags include the food, the flowers, and all "normal" other expenses that are merely inflated because of the nature of the event -- which may be more about impressing the likes of Oprah and other celebs than it is about the politicos in attendance.

There's still time for the Clintons to cut back on these costs. WalletPop has some tips from some experts of our own -- a couple that cut $13,000 off the costs of their wedding after the groom got laid off. Read My Lay-off Wedding.