Organizing Small Kitchen Keeps Things Cooking

There are easy ways to organize your small kitchen to create more space. The clutter happens quickly inside many an apartment-dweller's kitchen. The buildup of stuff: pens, notepads, dishes, vases, sleek new appliances, cookbooks and Tupperware.

Before you know it, clutter is stopping you from using your kitchen – however small – to the fullest.

Before the mess cuts into your motivation to cook or unwind in what's supposed to be everyone's favorite room, take heed of the following kitchen-organization advice:

Maximizing a Small Kitchen

The Smitten Kitchen typically churns out delectable recipes for home cooks, but a 2008 post reveals how the blogger makes the most out of every inch of her teeny tiny kitchen. By utilizing white paint and space-saving dispensers, racks and bowls, the blogger insists that anyone can create an airy kitchen space. Another key tip: Maintain one completely spare counter space for slicing, dicing and preparing meals.

Continuing on with the idea of maximizing a small space, Real Simple suggests creating "a triangle of efficiency" between the refrigerator, sink and stove. This post also suggests a few specific products to ease your de-cluttering efforts, including an under-cabinet glass rack from Pier1, and a base cabinet from Ikea.

Organizational Tricks and Tips

Got too many pots and pans, overflowing cabinets and messy counter tops? Before taking any further steps, "make a clean sweep" of your kitchen, ridding it of unnecessary items, advises Home Interiors Zone. Next, invest in hanging units for pots and pans, and space-saving appliances. Additionally, don't skimp on storage aids inside cabinets: dividers, lazy Susans and shelving are three simple and inexpensive streamlining methods.

For many urbanites, cooking at home is a must for money-saving and health reasons. To ensure an efficient kitchen setup, try taking the steps suggested by Oh My Apartment. Install storage racks on cabinet doors and above counters to create extra counter space, and consider devoting one full door-rack each to spices, cleaning products and food storage supplies.

Next, we turn to the queen of domesticity herself, Martha Stewart, for her foolproof kitchen-organization tips. In an easy-to-browse photo slideshow, Martha explains how to stack various cupboard items "between tension curtain rods arranged vertically on a shelf," and suggests using simple bins and baskets to hold loose ends, like dishtowels.

Simplify Your Kitchen

Funny how the organizing process often results in confusion and chaos, yes? Look no further than HGTV's "Five Ways to Simplify Your Kitchen" for remedies. Perhaps most importantly, the post urges you to consider the visual impact of the materials you can see." In other words, think about how your kitchen appliances, chairs, cabinets and paint color work together; too many patterns, hues and materials can overwhelm your space and feel like, well, clutter.

Also, keep in mind ease of use when planning where to put items in your kitchen. Placing "objects according to their 'point of main use,' " such as dishes near the oven, can help ward off future clutter attacks.

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