Minor Kitchen Renovations Help Sell Your Home

Rustic luxury kitchen
Rustic luxury kitchen

Judy McLendon of Bay Head, N.J. knows why home sellers often put their money into kitchen renovations. "Redoing the kitchen is probably the best thing you can do," she says.
McLendon should know. She has sold many of her own homes without the help of a realtor. Years ago in Summit, N.J., McLendon was a city council member known for having lived in four homes within a 10-block area, and she enjoyed completing home renovations.

One of the things she learned along the way: Bigger is not always better. The important thing is to have a sensible work space, with the sink and the fridge and the oven "all within a few steps," McLendon says.

Yes, big kitchens have become a status symbol. But home sellers should know that wise buyers will also look at layout. "If they are smart buyers, they would be impressed with the design of a kitchen," McLendon says.

She also says that cost does not have to be crazy. "You can put together a very good-looking kitchen -- and a practical kitchen -- without spending millions," McLendon argues. Our team of experts agrees. So what exactly should sellers do to renovate their kitchens? What is on the to-do list for a kitchen upgrade?

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