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fedex-jobsChris had wanted to work for Fedex for a long time. He landed his job as a driver for Fedex through perseverance and persistence. He kept in touch with potential hiring managers for some time before he found out that Fedex was hiring in his area.

The interview was cattle-call style. He was one of hundreds of applicants being interviewed for driver positions. All applicants were required to bring a 10-year work history to the interview. Chris knew he needed to stand out from the crowd, so he worked with a resume writer he found through Career Directors International to design a unique and memorable presentation of his qualifications. When it was his turn to hand in his paperwork, the interviewers raved about his creative resume, which built recognition and helped him stand out from the crowd. Despite the fact that the position he was applying for did not require that he wear a suit to work, he wore one to the interview even though most of the other applicants wore shorts and jeans. When the interviewers selected their two newest employees, Chris was one of them and he's been working there for several years.

Chris enjoys working for Fedex. And he's not alone. Fedex has frequently made Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For, Global Most Admired Companies, and America's Most Admired Companies lists. And the company was even inducted into Fortune's "Best Companies to Work For" Hall of Fame in 2005. There are many reasons why Chris enjoys working at Fedex. His top five are below.

1. Flexible hours

Chris has been able to change shifts and take on additional shifts as needed. The flexibility makes it a lot easier to manage the other aspects of his life; plus, it makes his time at work more enjoyable. If he need to attend to something in his life, he knows he has options for getting done what he needs to get done without giving up work hours.

2. Mobility

Fedex makes it easy to transfer to another position in another city or state. They publish a catalog of jobs each week; employees accumulate transfer-eligibility points based on tenure. After 18 to 24 months in one position, employees can explore transfer opportunities.

3. Outstanding benefits

Chris went back to school to earn a degree, and Fedex offered him full reimbursement for every class as long as he received a passing grade.

4. Unusual perks

In addition to receiving significant discounts on shipping costs for packages Chris sends through Fedex, he can also catch a ride to certain destinations on a Fedex plane when there is an available seat.

5. No cubicles

Chris hates being indoors. As a Fedex driver, he is always out and about, meeting a lot of interesting people. His grandfather was a postal worker, and he remembers him enjoying the freedom of not being chained to a desk all day. Chris has known for a long time that he is not destined to be a cubicle warrior.

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