Jeffrey Epstein, billionare sex offender, goes free

Former hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein, who pleaded guilty to soliciting an underage girl for prostitution, will be a free man next week when his year-long probation ends.

The billionaire, who's been under house arrest in his Florida mansion since last July, will no longer need permission to travel, according to the NY Post.

Epstein was a friend of President Bill Clinton and various other high-power Wall Streeters before he penchant for girls as young as 14 landed him in trouble with Palm Beach police.

The yucky details of what landed Epstein in the pokey, courtesy of the Daily Beast:

"In March 2005, Reiter's department, acting on a complaint from the Florida parents of a 14-year-old girl, launched an investigation that would eventually uncover a pattern of predatory behavior stretching back years and spanning several continents, knowingly enabled by Epstein's associates and employees. Two or three times a day, whenever Epstein was in Palm Beach, a teenage girl would be brought to the mansion on El Brillo Way. ("The younger the better," he instructed Haley Robson, a local teenager who was paid to bring other girls to the house, and who declared, on a police tape, that she was "like a Heidi Fleiss," the infamous California madam.)"