FarmVille New England Decorations: Heirloom Cart, Bird Cottage, Stone Wall, N. Tisbury Azalea & New Carousel

farmville new carousel
There are lots of new New England themed limited edition decorations including the Heirloom Car, Bird Cottage, Stone Wall, and N. Tisbury Azalea.

These LE decorations can be purchased in the FarmVille Market during the next 12 days only.
farmville tisbury azaleafarmville bird cottagefarmville stone wall
farmville new carouselfarmville heirloom cart
FarmVille New England Decorations (Released on July 22, 2010):

  • Heirloom Cart – 25,000 coins
  • Bird Cottage - 20,000 coins
  • Stone Wall – 10,000 coins
  • N. Tisbury Azalea* – 6,000 coins *Decorative tree, is NOT harvestable
  • New Carousel – 38 FV$

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