FarmVille Sponsored Link Appears: Bing

farmville bing free farm cash
Bing is sponsoring a link for 2 Free FarmVille Cash. You can access the sponsored link offer through FarmVille. The offer is located underneath your FarmVille home page.

Bing sponsored a similar link back in March of this year. Before clicking on this sponsored link, double check that you do not currently have "like" on the Bing page.

Once you click the link under the farm, a pop up window will appear. Choose either Dining In or Dining Out, answer a question and watch the short video.
farmville free farm cash
After watching the video, click on the Join us on Facebook button. You will be directed to the Bing page on Facebook. The pop up window will display the reward.
farmville free farm cash
farmville free farm cash
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Will you do this quick sponsored link for 2 Free FarmVille Cash?
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