Sorry, vamps, City of Eternals will be getting no more updates

city of eternals on facebook
city of eternals on facebook

City of Eternals, the vampire-themed role-playing game on Facebook, isn't exactly getting the stake, but in a talk at Casual Connect conference in Seattle, ohai founder Susan Wu says the MMO won't be getting any more updates. Wu says the game, which has roughly 4K users according to its Facebook page, is serving as a "test case" for the company's next projects, including the already announced Project Unicorn Parade.

Looks like there haven't been updates to the game for some time, and players seem to be catching on. On the City of Eternals Facebook fan page, one player writes:

"I'm sorry to use this tone, but ive been quite surprised about what happened this last week in the game. Sth like two of the best players leaving, one of whom has alone spent more ohais than half of the players altogether. I dont think we were ever told that buying ohais was a way to finance another project and get in time the game we like neglected... of late i really have the impression your only concern is the development of the new project, whatever the other consequences."

Another player writes:

"Saddened that y'all aren't actively present anywhere on this game anymore but I do still dig it. Hope to SEE an Ohai presense and active interest again soon."

Here's a longer rant from yet another CoE player 'Calan' on the game's official message boards.

This highlights the importance thinking before opening your wallet to buy virtual items in a game that might not be around for long. It's also a call to game developers to do a better job of communicating these changes to devoted players and possibly consider giving some form of compensation to big spenders, also called 'whales,' so they don't feel ripped off, pissed off and swear off social games altogether.