Scholarships for moms becoming part of national agenda

woman in college class
woman in college class

Single moms may be put off by the idea of returning to school because the expense of raising a child can be overwhelming. But, if going back to school were free, or cost close to nothing, it may be a different story. That's practically a reality thanks to an enormous amount of scholarships available for moms -- all you have to do is apply, and keep applying until you get one. You just have to be tenacious.

As well as scholarships for moms, tax benefits exist to curb the cost of going to school. According to the American Opportunity Tax Credit program, eligible students can earn a maximum annual credit of $2,500 per student with 40% of the credit generally refundable. That means a student could receive up to $1,000, even if he or she doesn't owe any taxes. Not to mention that last year around this time, President Obama increased funding for Pell grants and introduced a scholarship for moms called the Moms Return to School Government Grant Scholarship.

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