PetVille: 6 free Pet Cash for watching Despicable Me and Best Buy promo

PetVille Best Buy Despicable Me in 3D Movie Mode
PetVille Best Buy Despicable Me in 3D Movie Mode

Head on over to the Get Pet Coins & Cash tab in PetVille for 6 free Pet Cash. This offer is being sponsored by Best Buy to promote their Movie Mode app for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile. This app is a free download that helps you do various things, such as locate the nearest Best Buy stores, wherever's showing "Despicable Me in 3D", and dims your phone's screen when you're inside the theater.

That all sounds a bit too pushy for an app. However, the best part is that the app comes with a translator that translates what the little yellow Minions in the film are saying.

To get your 6 free Pet Cash, all you have to do is answer three simple questions. You don't have to pay attention to the video. You don't even have to get any of the questions right. For a preview of all the questions and results, see below.