OMGPOP fending off buyout offers for its 3 million users


The San Francisco Chronicle reports

that flash-based social gaming site OMGPOP has quietly crossed the 3 million user threshold in the last month. Those players reportedly spend over one million minutes a day playing games on the site, which sounds impressive until you realize that's only a little over 16,500 hours. Actually, that still sounds kind of impressive. It sounds even more impressive if you call it 60,000,000 seconds per day. Look at all those zeroes!

Yet despite the success, OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter says he's not quite ready to cash out his business just yet. "A number of the large social game companies have talked to us," he told the Chronicle "[but] we've not been interested in trading our stock for their stock or being another acquisition in a series of acquisitions, especially as things are going great for us." Porter said he's spurned media company buyout requests as well, instead focusing on an upcoming launch on Facebook, which he worries is "a crowded market."

Since launching in late 2006 as the awkwardly named "I'm in like with you" OMGPOP has slowly but surely carved out a niche for arcade-style action games with some polished interfaces and well-integrated social networking features. Here's hoping it keeps that spirit even as it grows to mega-hub proportions.