FarmVille Mystery Game Updated with New Prizes

FarmVille Mystery Game Prizes - Birds
FarmVille Mystery Game Prizes - Birds

Today, the FarmVille Mystery Game was updated with new prizes including animals and decorations.

Last week, the first Mystery Game prizes had various degrees of rarity. For example, the Black Stallion was the most rare prize. However, this time the most rare prize will yield not just one, but TWO animals! Meaning, if you win, ___ the most rare animal, you will be rewarded with two for one balloon pop!

The following are confirmed current Mystery Game Prizes (07.22.10): Parrot Swing, Crane, African Gray Bird, and Bird Fountain.

You can play a Mystery Game for 20 FV$ by accessing it through the FarmVille Market.

This article originally appeared onFarmVille Freak.