Big Fish's Everest: Hidden Expedition ascends to iPad

hidden expedition everest
hidden expedition everest

Hidden object games, generally adventure games with puzzles that require you to find objects hidden in an environment (think Where's Waldo, but with lush environments and relaxing music) is one of the most popular casual game genres on the market. And Big Fish Games makes some of the best hidden object games out there, with brands like Mystery Case Files and Hidden Expedition under its belt.

Today, Big Fish announces the release of Everest: Hidden Expedition for iPad. In the game, which has already been released for PC and iPhone, you tackle a virtual version of Mount Everest by making your way through 30-some-odd hidden object games as you climb to the top. Mountaineer Ed Viesturs (remember the Everest IMAX movie? he was in that), doles out advice along the way, and as a bonus, the game includes real-life photos from Viesturs' Everest climb. There's a single-player mode and a competitive multiplayer mode where you can flick snowballs across the screen to slow down your opponent's progress.

Everest: Hidden Expedition HD is available for $6.99 starting today on the iTunes App store. Race ya to the top!

Note: Image above is from the PC version of the game.